Welcome to Poet’s Tea.

A blog where written works come first, drinking tea is second best and ranting and raving will pop up randomly at times. You’ll find that I will be a bit slow with updating works but that is due to being a grad student and having to take a summer class. D: Boo. It’s one summer class and you’re going what’s the big deal but it’s twice a week. t-t At weird times.

So while I may only have one class to deal with, it’s a short class with double the time so I imagine double the homework to keep up with. I will try my best to post something everyday, so expect a lot of poetry. Even though my goal is once a week it’s actually once a month through the wordpress system.

If I am very slow I do apologize, but I hope you look onto this blog favorably and enjoy what I produce! Open-mouthed smile

~Poet’s Tea


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