Summer Heat



Summer Heat

Melting into the days and night
Stillness, humid, causing a boiling sensation
Bubbling into the veins that produce the sweat
That reveals the discomfort of the summer heat.

Sunshine sizzles the outdoors without relief
The clouds roll by and never stay to cool us off
But they like to mock us with their brief shade
Disappearing when we think we’ve gained coolness.

With summer days the time goes by fast
But the heat makes time stand still
Despite the fact that summer moves on
And does not stop whether it’s cool or hot.

Summer heat, it rises and barely falls
With a cold sip from water or sitting in shaded trees
The summer heat always prevails no matter where
You go and no matter what you do to relieve it.

Well if that is the case I usually nap
Or curl up with a good book or annoy my cat
But I try to enjoy the summer despite the heat
But man, some of those does just can’t be beat.


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