Visual Melody Chapter 1



Visual Melody Chapter 1

Note: This is not a fanfiction but an original work that’s been in my head for a long time. It shows my love for music such as Jpop, JRock, Visual Kei, Kpop, Korean Indie, C-Pop, and other Asian music that has been with me since high school. I hope you enjoy it! Also I apologize it’s awkward, I’m not very good a prose and I’m not sure if I’ll continue it, just wanted to write the first chapter. ^.^

Summary: Yuki Greene has always wanted to meet his mother, a Japanese entertainer who abandoned him and his father when he was barely one-year’s-old. With the help of unlikely people he decides that he is going to become famous to find his mother and ask her the question he’s always yearned to ask. But Yuki and his friends find out that it’s not easy getting into the entertainment industry let alone getting into Japan’s.

Yuki looked at the stars that shined brightly. Autumn was slowly coming into the city and summer was fading away. It was a cool evening and he decided to take this time to go up onto the roof of his home and stretch out to enjoy the weather. Using his arms as pillows for behind his head he closed his eyes and enjoyed the calm still of the last days of summer.

However, that calm was broken as he heard music blare from the house next door. Opening an eye and turning his head to the direction of the music, he was surprised at what he found. Not only was the music in Japanese but a girl, a non-Asian girl at that was dancing to it. As he looked further into her room she noticed pictures of Asian bands from all over, not just Japan. She had Gackt, Kanjani8, EXO, JYJ and TVX and many more.

It was surprising that someone who had blue dyed hair and skin as white as the moon shining above him could be a fan of the music from his mother’s native country. His mother and father met in Japan while she was recording her first debut album. Kayo Asai was her name, a singer and actress that abandoned Yuki and his father during her prime in the limelight. Yuki had never met her since she left his father, a southern country singer that visited Japan during a concert tour and met the fatal woman. She left him before he turned one, deciding that fame and fortune were more important than family.

Now his father was a businessman who worked for a company selling the finest horses. But as Yuki listened to the music, an idea gathered in his head. Since his mother was a famous entertainer, why not become famous himself? He could go to Japan with a band and they could become the next rising stars.

As he watched the girl dance and he thought about this idea, a smile formed on his lips. A rare smile that did not show as often as his father would like but he felt like this idea could work. Sitting up he stretched and gazed at the stars, wondering if his mother was looking at the same stars and listening to music. Most likely she was the one singing under these stars, well in the morning sun since Yuki was certain it was morning over there rather than night.

“Hey, you up there.”

A voice disrupted his thinking and he turned to realize the girl he had been staring at was now staring at him. He blushed in embarrassment and he couldn’t help but feel that maybe this was not going to end well with him being called a peeping tom. Well, he had been out here first long before she was dancing around like some crazy person to Japanese rock music.

“Uh…hi there?” Yuki spoke, putting his stretched out arms down in his lap. She looked at him inquisitively before smiling.

“So you’re our neighbor! We never see you guys come out so we thought no one lived there but you do exist.

Yuki tilted his head, unsure how to answer to that.

“I’m Dahlia, named after the flower and not the mysterious murder mystery. Who are you?”

“I’m Yuki Greene.”

It was a short response but his name wasn’t very original. Yuki was a popular name in Japan and he had bother his mother and father’s last name but most referred to him with his father. But she didn’t need to know his dark past with all of that.

“Cool. I guess we’ll see each other in school then. I better get some beauty sleep. If you ever want to jam together to some Nitemare then let me know.” With that she closed her window, pulled the curtains and was gone. Why do women just disappear like that? At least he had his grandmother he supposed…

Yuki wondered who this girl really was, and if they were going to the same high school. Shrugging his shoulders Yuki lay back down on the roof and gazed at the stars. Surely with high school he can start a band and chase after his mother, a comet that never stayed around long. But if he became as bright as the sun, she could no longer deny him as her son. That was going to be Yuki’s dream as he fell asleep with a new filled desire.


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