I used to love to write and then I went to college. It broke whatever spirit I had once gained through amazing people. Now that I am in grad school and finding my own feet in the world, and trying to be an adult while still being an immature teen at times, I find myself slowly wanting to write again.

In this blog you’ll find only my written works. I also write fanfiction but those are on other accounts that you can find through the twitter timeline I will have uploaded.

I will post my own thoughts as well whether they are rants or raves in the Tea Talk area. You can either ignore them or chat with me but I will not accept unruly rude troll comments. No one likes a troll. No one.

I will also post poetry which does not have its own page section because it will be the most updated of the written works. You can find them through the tag cloud or through the categories option.

Journey with me to find a little creativity and drink a bit a tea as we find ourselves together through writing and talking.

~Poet’s Tea



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