Sleep Deprivation

Night creeps over the city
But it brings no relief
Not even a sip of chamomile
Makes me want to sleep.

The darkness supposed to soothe
Only closes my mind from sleep
With sleepless thoughts that
Only make me want to weep.

Lack of rest is dangerous
It creates an uncertainty within
And it provides no feelings of safety
That produce feelings of insecurity.


Morning Tea


Morning Tea

Hot and sweet
Memories of winter
Fall into place
As each sip burns
With a lemon tinge
And a ginger burst.
With some honey
And sugar
And a twist of real
Lemon juice
It becomes a ritual
That every morning
Hot or cold
I do or otherwise
I cannot function
And become a listless
Spirit in the creative world
But with one sip I awaken
Into a whole different being
So long to grumpiness
Hello to a brand new day
To write and dream away.

Visual Melody Chapter 1



Visual Melody Chapter 1

Note: This is not a fanfiction but an original work that’s been in my head for a long time. It shows my love for music such as Jpop, JRock, Visual Kei, Kpop, Korean Indie, C-Pop, and other Asian music that has been with me since high school. I hope you enjoy it! Also I apologize it’s awkward, I’m not very good a prose and I’m not sure if I’ll continue it, just wanted to write the first chapter. ^.^

Summary: Yuki Greene has always wanted to meet his mother, a Japanese entertainer who abandoned him and his father when he was barely one-year’s-old. With the help of unlikely people he decides that he is going to become famous to find his mother and ask her the question he’s always yearned to ask. But Yuki and his friends find out that it’s not easy getting into the entertainment industry let alone getting into Japan’s.

Yuki looked at the stars that shined brightly. Autumn was slowly coming into the city and summer was fading away. It was a cool evening and he decided to take this time to go up onto the roof of his home and stretch out to enjoy the weather. Using his arms as pillows for behind his head he closed his eyes and enjoyed the calm still of the last days of summer.

Visual Melody continued

Summer Heat



Summer Heat

Melting into the days and night
Stillness, humid, causing a boiling sensation
Bubbling into the veins that produce the sweat
That reveals the discomfort of the summer heat.

Sunshine sizzles the outdoors without relief
The clouds roll by and never stay to cool us off
But they like to mock us with their brief shade
Disappearing when we think we’ve gained coolness.

With summer days the time goes by fast
But the heat makes time stand still
Despite the fact that summer moves on
And does not stop whether it’s cool or hot.

Summer heat, it rises and barely falls
With a cold sip from water or sitting in shaded trees
The summer heat always prevails no matter where
You go and no matter what you do to relieve it.

Well if that is the case I usually nap
Or curl up with a good book or annoy my cat
But I try to enjoy the summer despite the heat
But man, some of those does just can’t be beat.



Welcome to Poet’s Tea.

A blog where written works come first, drinking tea is second best and ranting and raving will pop up randomly at times. You’ll find that I will be a bit slow with updating works but that is due to being a grad student and having to take a summer class. D: Boo. It’s one summer class and you’re going what’s the big deal but it’s twice a week. t-t At weird times.

So while I may only have one class to deal with, it’s a short class with double the time so I imagine double the homework to keep up with. I will try my best to post something everyday, so expect a lot of poetry. Even though my goal is once a week it’s actually once a month through the wordpress system.

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